Lambent Logic’s cutting-edge cloud software empowers drugmakers to access all of their contracts and transactions through a simple, responsive portal. We proactively alert customers to questionable claims and orders to prevent revenue leakage and minimize inventory risks while saving time and money.
Gross to net

Simplify your gross to net

No more copying and pasting into spreadsheets — access your sales, chargebacks, rebates, fees, Medicare/Medicaid, and all other accruals and claims through a single tool.
Export the data you need to understand how customer and product decisions are impacting your business in a simple, manageable format, in detail down to the transaction and contract level.

Plug revenue leaks

We automatically match every transaction and claim to the relevant contract terms, eliminating revenue-losing fraudulent or erroneous chargebacks and rebates.
Transaction flags
Inventory flags

Stop paying service level penalties

We monitor orders to and inventory levels of all of your customer DCs and notify you when order quantities spike or on-hand inventory dips too low.

Eliminate human error

Our pricing repository allows you to track complex contract terms that change over time, including pricing or rebate structures, and ensures contracts are kept up-to-date.